Second Opinions Matter

Meridian Mechanical Services, Inc. provides free estimates and second opinions. If you have questions about a diagnosis or would like to have a technician review your system for free, we are here to help. (888)552-0026 – We Are Open 24/7

Just this week, a customer called our service team to review an estimate for a split system replacement. While our technician was on site we noticed the air handler did not have a filter, the customer stated it had been this way for years. Upon further inspection we found the air handler closet to have a return grill with a filter, but no return duct to the unit. The air handler had been pulling air from around the closet door for years and passing it through the evaporator coil unfiltered. We removed the evaporator coil and provided a much-needed cleaning. After installing the evaporator coil back into the air handler, we performed a pressure and leak test, we found there to be no leaks. The unit was charged with refrigerant, started and tested. A fifteen-year-old air conditioning unit producing 56 degree air, we couldn’t be happier! At the end, we were told the previous diagnosis was an unrepairable refrigerate leak within the evaporator coil, the unit had been condemned and an estimate provided for replacement.

While there are most definitely unrepairable refrigerant leaks, this case turned out on the good side for the customer. A thorough cleaning and inspection allowed this unit to keep on pace and provided the customer comfort in their building at a fraction of the cost to replacement.

The service staff a Meridian is not commission based nor do they receive bonuses or any incentive to up-sell or replace parts or equipment that is not necessary. We have implemented an in-house system to maintain equal standards across our field staff and testing requirements for all condemned parts and equipment.  We hope to provide the best HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing service and build relationships with our Customers that last generations.