Meridian’s Service Agreement Customers Do Not Pay Overtime – Ever.

Meridian Mechanical Services is available 24/7/365 for your service needs.

HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing, all the time.

Meridian Mechanical’s Suite of Services provides catered solutions to all business sizes within our communities. We believe in providing a great service at a great price to help our communities businesses thrive. The systems that keep your business running should not be a burden.

We’ve built our service team on a time-based response system. Each service request is logged at the time of its inception, dispatch, team members arrival and their completion time. We analyze this data on every service request to better our team and understand where we can improve to provide a better service. When your air conditioning systems need attention, you should not have to wait and deal with uncomfortable clients or staff. If you plumbing systems fail, you should not have to stop your business for an extended period to have the issue resolved.

Air conditioning systems are not only for comfort, they create a healthy building environment. Your building is showing symptoms of an ailing air conditioning system if you experience:

  • High energy usage and long run times
  • Sweating supply air grills
  • Lack of airflow
  • Lack of cooling
  • Musty or dirty sock smells
  • Odd sounds coming from your air conditioning equipment

Your building is a living, breathing entity and we want to listen to its needs, whenever they arise.

Meridians Service Agreement Customers Do Not Pay Overtime – Ever.

Contact Meridian now to receive a free Service Agreement proposal and inspection of your buildings HVAC, Refrigeration and Plumbing systems.

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